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Default Re: Druid Talent specs

I was feral before they fixed the tree WAY back in 1.something, before we ever got mangle.

Druid itemization has came a LONG ways. Go with Leatherworking to make a Heavy Clefthoof set for end game tanking. That is the base for any feral bear to start with. Socket it with defense and stamina. You need to go for a minimum 415 defense, 25% dodge, along with a ton of Hit points and Armor. Look up leather that has high armor and that is basically the tanking gear until you get T5+. I think there's a few random greens that are for pre-Kara tanking from SMV quests.

This is my druid. Note, I hardly play anymore.
I still need about 12 more defense, 2k or so more hit points, and about 3k more armor to be truly effective.
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