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Default Re: Druid Talent specs

Feral druids are a staple off tank in any endgame raid and are more than viable main tanks for heroics and Karazhan (with the exception of Nightbane and maybe Romulo). Can't speak as to Zul'Aman yet but I've heard they work great in there because the bosses do not land crushing blows (something the designers wish to remove from the game). The build is great because the itemization and talents provide strong soloing efficiency even with a raid spec. Not to be mean but don't listen to Son Goku's account of feral druids, they are the best off tank choice for Karazhan next to fury warriors.

Of the hybrids, the Druid is probably the most functional as far as viability is concerned - in other words, each of the talent trees can be useful in the endgame. It all depends on the strength of your guild's leadership and willingness to try something other than the standard min/max group makeup (in the case of boomkins). Gear is a big determining factor as well - druids are nearly as gear dependent as warriors.

If you're just talking about leveling though, druids can level very well as long as you're not Resto specced. I've leveled a Balance druid to 31 and it was very enjoyable, very easy to solo elites as well (though that's less necessary with the recent patch). Actually I've been thinking of rolling a new druid, I may just do that later on.
Originally Posted by Son Goku
Putting this person on Julliet in Opera also had the added disadvantage of no interupts, and we were then (didn't have rogues that week), relying on 3 mages to sort out the interuption of the heal.
That's a problem with your group makeup then, not the druid. And frankly tanks are poor choices for interrupts because their global cooldowns are almost always up, making it very difficult to time the interrupt (especially since Julianne's heal casts very quickly). That's assuming they're using their rage properly of course.
Originally Posted by Son Goku
Put the druid in bear on Romulo, and the crushing blows brought the person from almost full health to almost no health in a single hit, the healers couldn't keep up.
Hint: Have your priests dispel Daring so he doesn't do that.
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