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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Been there, done that. Don't try and teach your grandpa how to skin a cat.

I have NEVER known CM to lie. He condemed the leak and told you AS A REPRESENTATIVE OF ATI (caps because when he puts on that hat he's sort of bound by his job & job description a bit...not to mention all the legal implications) to pull the leaks down and you threw a hissy-fit. He only recomended that guy to try them AFTER you had spread them all over the net against his wishes.

It was your call to make, I just don't agree with it and I really didn't like the way you talked to/about CM at all yesterday or today. You seem like you're on some form of holy crusade against evil, but ATi ain't a bad guy and you ain't got a white horse.

You got your way Solomon, you posted 'em and I don't think ATi is going to sue you over it...but I think you lost a lot of friends.

Personally I completely agree With Solomon's position on Catalyst Maker. That guy herds you all around like trained sheep. He lies to you, He misleads you and he does it in the name of PR.

When Users asked for Digital Vibrance, He told us that it was just a marketing hack already available in ATI Drivers,

It was "proven" that he was wrong because you can't use ATI drivers without changing shades of grey.

He has lied to you guys about Quality drivers and "playing by the rules" As he so likes to call them. When we all know that he's not doing anything of that sort in his driver codes. When we all know that he is not above changing the way code is dealt.

What I find amusing is ATI's Pixel Shader cheat was in the 3dmark2001 before Nvidia's cheat, Later with the Det 40.x series. Meaning ATIs Shaders for that game test were never realistic upon release of that card, Yet Nvidia is the one that forces ATi to cheat?

Catalyst Maker has led us With his 2 faced actions regarding the leaked drivers. He says one thing, then Oks another, I Have no problem with a man having an opinion or position I don't agree with.

What I don't like is someone cannot stick to his ropes regarding that issue. In This game, Cat make came out with double standards.

Just because this guy visits your community does not make him anymore "honest" than a big bad Nvidia spokes person. Or does it make his comments anymore credible. The guy has a friendly relationship with users at rage3d, Thats fine, But that doesn't mean he's not herding you guys around with false information.
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