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actually CM has been very upfront and accesible..

if you actually read through the digital vibrance thread... CM initially stated he didn't think DV was more than a marketing gimmick but gradually through the thread he was more and more intrigued and eventually stated that he would look into the 'feature' and see what could be done.. no promises mind.. but he didnt just dismiss it as you point out chris... perhaps you would like to go through the whole thread again... just post it so people here can see exactly what you are talking about and what CM wrote as well

I completely disagree, And We "have" gone through the whole thread again, Catalyst Maker "had" been dismissing it. Catalyst maker "Had" led ATI users to believe that they're drivers were already capable of it.

Why do you think all the users completely and totally believe the fact that "ATI drivers were already capable of it"

Well. You guessed it. Catalyst maker told them they were, You are referring to a single thread when that was his attitude for the longest time.

There's a thread where I posted it. He tries to push of the issue by asking us "Do you know what it does?"

You are referring to this one thread, I am referring to MULTIPLE threads prior to that where CAT Maker has dismissed it as a marketing hack and already doable in drivers, Which very much explains why so many people have stated it's already doable in ATI drivers.

I mean if you don't know. You don't know. Terry only reacts when he's in the spotlight. Which he acted accordingly "We will look into it" In that thread

however nothing that I have read or seen the last serveral months appears to corroborate the character assisination you are putting forth chris... Terry may not be the nicest or most ethical guy in the world... but I have yet to see any evidence that supports your claims of a 2-faced liar/hypocrite...
Read my above post. Read Just further indication that he is BSing us along the way, I mean come on, When is a cigar a cigar? I don't trust him. You shouldn't trust him either. All he wants, And his company wants. Is for you to buy their products.

Understanding this "distinction" will make you alot more objective about things. Its no different than what Nvidia PR spokes people do. But It's a "lot" easier to filter out his "crap" as I would call it. By the simple fact he posts a lot.
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