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Default Re: System Lockups - 8800 + Xeon System

Originally Posted by netllama
The X configuration that you're attempting to use is not possible with the hardware that you have. You cannot drive two separate X screens along with Twinview with only 1 GPU. Granted this shouldn't cause instability, but you should correct the configuration to simply things.

I have a few questions:
0) Does this problem persist with the latest RHEL-4.5 kernel?
1) Can you setup a serial console to capture any kernel messages at the time of the crash?

I'm still waiting for a response from you on this!
  • I have disabled Twinview and am running multiple screens with Xinerama
  • The problem does indeed persist with the latest CentOS-4.5 kernel - and it still occurs now that I've replaced the 8800 card with a Quadro 5600.
  • I set up a serial console but it only gave me the same information that was available in the system logs and was unable to communicate with the system once X had locked up.
Please let me know what else I can do to help diagnose this problem.
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