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Default 3.40 GHz Causing issues?

I recently had an urge to O/C my system by another 400MHz. I had to bump the voltage up of the CPU, which actually puts my idle temps now at 42C. I've ran Orthos and its pretty darn stable. However when I am playing or typing sometimes my keys appear to stick. If I bump it back down to stock this doesn't happen. I mean they don't physically stick, but the pc acts like thats whats happening.

Any suggestions on this? I was considering bumping the voltage up a bit more, not much just one up. I have no clue why its doing this though. It almost acts like it can't handle the amount of input I am using my keyboard for. I notice it happens most in BF2 when I am flying the helicopter.. The helicopter will literally turn all the way around as if I were holding my D key down which would make the helicopter turn right. It does happen sometimes typing, but its not as noticeable as in BF2 or other games. It defiantly has to be related to my O/C as I've tried other keyboards with no avail.

Any suggestions would be great.
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