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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Thats pretty good man. 58C after 8 hours of Prime isn't bad at all.

More fans will probably help your temps a bit.

You're stable at 3Ghz though. Congrats.
Um, that was at 2.8GHz. If I ran P95 at 3Ghz I'd have easily breached 60*C- and I refuse to let my CPU run that hot- EVER! Once those two new fans arrive, I'll try my luck with 3Ghz. So far I must say I'm rather impressed with my Opty. This mere 200MHz seems to actually do quite a bit for my framerates. Probably cause my 8800GTS is heavily CPU limited right now. I'm sure running at 3Ghz would really help out a lot.

Originally Posted by GeeeEighty
Dont worry about that temp, its actually not half bad considering your airflow and also no other program or game you play will stress your CPU nearly as hard as P95 small FFT's. So on average your temps will be much lower.
Thanks. I know no game is going to stress my CPU like P95 does... but I do figure that if I run her at 3Ghz that's going to up my temps. So that is what has me concerned. You gotta' keep in mind- the last rig I oc'd was a s754 A64 2800 on the ASUS K8V SE Dlx. Stock it ran at 1.8Ghz. I managed to oc it to 2.2Ghz on air, with just a Thermatlake HSF (nothing to extraordinary) and it still idled in the 30s, and under load never got much hotter than the low 50s- but it only got that hot after hours of hardcore gaming.

So ideally, I want my Opty to run at 3Ghz and idle in the 30s and just barely breach 50*C while doing extreme gaming. Not sure if I'm exptecting too much or not, but that's what I'd like atleast.
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