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Originally posted by ChrisRay
The performance numbers in that tests have not changed since the 9700's release. "However" SO we can only assume these optimisations have always been there
That's a fair assumption. I for one don't really keep track of the exact numbers given in a review, unless things look ridiculously fishy.

SOme early 8500 drivers Showed horrible game performance in Game test 4, I am wondering if the 8500 has similar optimisations. Because ATI claimed the original test was not fair because it did not emphasise their new technology

I read this before these cheats were found, but didn't think much of it.

But now I must admit. I find this "very" curious

What do you think stealthhawk? but it looks like a cigar is a cigar in this case, Nature was never meant to be a Pixel Shader 1.4 Test. Rather a 1.0 Test . As the "only" Changes to 3dmark was the advanced Pixel Shader test. Nature was "never" changed
Well, I would say that the r8500 most likely has some detections for 3dmark2001 GT4. I also wouldn't be all that surprised if some general case optimizations played a part in the extra performance. The early r8500 drivers weren't that hot, so it is believable.

To say that there is no direct optimizations would be foolish.
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