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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by gulizard
I did get mine to 3GHz voltage was increased a bit - again CPU-Z doesn't show accurately. Anyway the CPU idles at about 38c-40c. When I stressed it, it climbed up to 47c. Keep in mind this is with minimal air flow. The case is an older one. It has one 80mm fan in the back, and a 80mm 5500 RPM fan on top the CPU. I recommend the Venus over your Big Typhoon. Though I do remember this guy from the AMD forums called trickson who practically worshiped his Big Typhoon, for his AMD processor. Keep in mind that the other CPU just has a 7900GT in it, and it is an MSI nforce4 board (not the SLI Version).

So my guess is you are running a bit hot. I'd take that HSF off, and reapply it with some AS5. What are your temps like at stock?
I'm not sure what they're like stock.

Before I oc'd, somehow the voltage was stuck at 1.425 so it ran hot even at 2.6GHz. I've since lowered it to 1.325 and I now seldom go past 50*C- but I do have an 8800GTS in here which more than likely has a big part to play in my proc's temps.
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