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Default Finally convinced to go Blu-ray.. for now (good article linked inside)

Originally Posted by Original post
..but almost inevidably going Bluray later of course, unless the studio support changes dramatically, which I doubt. Gonna have to live with two formats for now.

Anyway I wanted Heroes Season 1, that was the first big thing, then as I read on and on, it seems to me that HD DVD wasn't the doomed and already-dead format all the Bluray followers wanted and still wants it to look like.

I almost had my mind made up, then I read a very fine article for my final decision to start out on HD DVD. It's VERY unbiased, it explains why we should care for anything better than DVD anyway and it gives some very well-founded arguments on it's recommendations. Here's the beginning quoted for your convenience

Originally Posted by HDTV Magazine
No, this is not the standard HD DVD vs. Blu-ray article that you may be used to reading. I am not declaring a "winner" because I think we are at a point now where neither camp is going away. Instead, this article explains which format I believe is the better choice for the consumer (you) this holiday season. Could that change a year from now? Sure, but I want to help you decide what to buy this year.

This article is not written in an attempt to convince anyone who has already made an investment one way or the other, for that is an almost impossible feat. It was written for those that are still "on the fence", as they say. It is for those who are either undecided, or are waiting to see which one will come out ahead (or which will be first to waive the white flag). It's time to hop down off of that fence.
- Link:

- Gaco, the neutral, but slightly HD DVD favored HDM player
EDIT: Well as you know I changed my mind (thread title has been changed as well). I'm still pretty neutral but would now prefer if Blu-ray could win and end the format war quickly. I changed my mind when I read the other article where I also read through all the 5 pages of comments which took me about 2-3 hours but was well worth it. I've also accounted for my choice in the post in this page, the one posted by Gandalf 30 Nov 2007 17:33.
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