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Default Re: 169.04 video resizing problem with compiz

Ah the almighty video plugin for compiz. Always wanted to try it out, guess not its a good time as any. Wonder if it will ever make it into upstream. But i'm still wondering why the nvidia drivers isn't freeing up memory in this case. I can still open up more windows with out problem even when mplayer reports that error.

Also wondering about the problem with opengl apps when there are too many windows open. Mythtv set to opengl basically takes for ever to just start up. I literally see it drawing each frame.

Oh well, I'll just switch to the compiz video plugin and forget mythtv. I'll just set up/create a script for mplayer to use my remote. <-- only reason why i use mythtv anyways.

Thanks for the help, and the ebuild. It will make my life easier.
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