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Originally posted by saturnotaku
No, no conspiracy. He's doing what any good PR person does.
I fully agree, but that's why I like Terry. He's only a PR guy when he HAS to be a PR guy....the rest of the time he's just a regular person.

I can respect him doing his job and the things he's forced to say, he does the balancing act a lot better than most I've seen in the industry. (In fact he's the very best at it I've seen. )

Terry is gonna HAVE to walk the company line when it comes down to "push comes to shove" time, it's his job....but I appreciate the other time he spends on the boards too just shooting the bull and helping.

That's one of the reasons I got so pissed off at Solomon ripping on him, he was picking a fight with an un-armed man with his hands tied behind his back!

Sometimes Terry has to be the ATi PR guy, HAS TO! This was one of those times and I didn't see any point in making the guys life any tougher when he keeps trying so hard to help make the people in the communities life better.
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