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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by GeeeEighty
I doubt that really has anything to do with it. I used to have 8800GTX's in SLI and I remember how worried I was about the affect it was gonna have on my CPU temp.

With the 2nd GTX added the temps with my CPU only rose a whopping 2c.
I'm quite sure it is the GTS. Tried my buddies 7600GT- and my temps seldom ever got above 40*C at stock.

Remember, this isn't a "full tower" like what most other members here have. It's a mid-tower in comparison to the likes of the Stacker 830, Cosmos, or any of the Silverstone TJ series.

I'm sure if this were a larger tower the GTS probably wouldn't have much of an effect on temps.
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