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Default Re: Difficulty levels???

Delta is BY FAR the best way to enjoy the game. I think that as you lower the difficulty, the game gets TOO easy as the enemy reaction time increases, their accuracy gets worse, they speak english, etc. There are actually dozens of different AI variables that change with the difficulty level that can be tweaked for a custom difficulty but I found delta to be the most balanced.

I've tried in medium and even in hard, it's too easy to just cloak, run and then melee everyone with strengh without taking a single bullet... heck I managed to wipe out almost all the koreans in the demo without getting shot once. The boats usually get me when I'm not looking though but you really only have to deal with them in that 1 part of the game... it's the helicopters that are tough.

so yeah, delta will be a big challenge but it's not an unfair or not fun challenge. It will really FORCE you to use the suit powers strategically as well as really maximize the environment to your advantage because if you don't, you die... it's very simple.

People complaining that the game isn't long enough aren't playing on the hardest difficulty (I would think) and those who complain about AI (or lack there of) or koreans speaking english are obviously not playing on delta.
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