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Default Re: Pro Street; Anyone get it?...

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf
Finished the game. It makes less and less sense towards the end. There are 5 "kings" right? Drift King, Drag King, Grip King, Speed King and Showdown King. Now, showdown king is supposed to be the best of all these "kings", so why was i able to defeat him before i beat the other kings? I hadn't even attempted to defeat the other kings, and he challenged me to a series of races where my 915 bhp Lamborghini, 1048 bhp WRX and 132 bhp Sprinter (AE86 corolla - drift car) made short work of his Lancer Evo X.

Decent game, poorly planned ending.
Where in the world are you able to get 1048hp out of your WRX?!
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