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Default Re: What is the best CFG setting to use with a 8800 GT?

just use gaco's config. he's basically taken all the data from most everyone's tests and pooled together a good blend of eye candy and performance.

It just depends on how picky you are with some details like shadow resolution and paralax occlusion mapping, anti aliasing, etc..

go to the "post your final retail config" thread and read up on what everyone's using and note my setting I used for more realistic shadows and lighting as I think it made a very big visual impact and yielded a few extra FPS in the process.

As long as you can keep the frame rate over 20fps, I think 25~30 is about the average you should aim for, and then slowly start to tweak settings to increase detail until you find a setting that's both visually pleasing and that runs as fast as you would like it to run.
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