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Default Re: Post Your HTPC Here

I'm going to start my HTPC/Media Server project starting in January. I have some spare parts that I'll be building upon:

Intel E4300 @ 3.0GHz
Gigabyte GA-DS3L Mobo
8600GT Twin Turbo
20GB Hard Drive (for starters)

All I need is a decent case, a new hard drive, a power supply and a HDTV capture card and I'll be set. Also, I'll have to purchase a copy of Vista or XP. I'd like to get a HD-DVD/Blu-Ray drive but they aren't real affordable right now.

Newegg had a CoolerMaster 600-watt PSU on sale today: FREE w/MIR. It sold out fast and I wasn't going to order anything while on campus.

Keep an eye out, my HTPC is coming soon.
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