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Default Re: HDTV Capture Card - Which One?

If there is an All in wonder that does HD it might be a decent card. From my experience if your considering an ati tuner card, you better have an ATI video card in your pc. I have 2 of the TV wonder cards, and when I used it with my 6800GT they both would lock the computer up quite often, and it just flat out didn't work well at all. (I think I tried with my Ti4200 as well) I'm using one of the cards in a pc with an ATi x300 and it works flawlessely even with dual monitors. On the 6800GT if I even dared to move the window to the other monitor the computer would lock up. I also have an AIW x850XT with a TV wonder in a different pc, and I've used the dual tuner feature without any issues what so ever. (Two different shows side by side)

They might have fixed some of their issues since then, but I remember having a heck of a time trying to get that to work, and get the software installed.

The one I'm eyeing up right now is the onair GT made by autumnwave. The GT is the mobile one so you could take it with you, but they also have the creator which is an external box that requires DC power. The main difference is the creator has a hardware MPEG2 encoder, so it can do timeshifting of analog (PVR functionality) The Sasem doesn't need to be looked at as it is the older model with a phillips tuner, and the GT and creator have the newer 5th gen LG tuner which is a lot faster at changing channels and has better signal pickup.

They also have a huge thread dedicated to this tuner at, and they even have a rep there that has been answering questions, so there is actually good support through their from the company. You can find it here:
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