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Default Re: Anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

Technically the Raptor is standing on the candles on the table, Blizzard has never cared about patching things like that, and I don't blame them, it would be a pain in the arse to code around for something that can actually be fun to mess around with.

The mob not moving but doing damage to you bug annoys me the most. But I figured out that if I actually over to where the mob is standing and like pseudo position the phantom mob that is attacking me near where he stands, sometimes it will fix itself, either way it was the only way I figured out to get loot off of them after they die (otherwise you are always out of range).

That UI is nothing compared to a raid healer/leader's UI. It used to be horrible with 40 players, but since Blizz dropped the high-end to 25-man, it's a little more manageable.
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