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Default Re: Community Update & Patch Info

Originally Posted by SH64
I know .. something is better than nothing though.
if with this patch + new nvidia drivers we get say 10-15% performance improvement i'd be happy. i dont have high expectations for the time being .. we seriously need a next-gen GPU for this game!
It actually runs decent for me with SLI enabled. I did a little benching last night.

1920 x 1200 2x AA HDR High settings
Single GPU 17 fps average
SLI 30 fps average
On XP 32bit with the 169.09 drivers.

I played for 20 mins or so with those settings and I could keep between 25 - 30 fps most of the time. There were a few spots where it would drop down to about 20 fps, and other times where I could be getting 40+. With a few tweaks and maybe turn something down a hair I could keep it above 30fps most of the time. This patch might enough to make it from 25 - 30 to 30 - 35 which would be sweet.
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