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Default Re: HDTV Capture Card - Which One?

Originally Posted by Bman212121
The tuner is quite new and from the reviews I've seen had some problems with the first models, but it sounds like they are fixing those problems. That might be a good tuner but there is very little info about it since it's only a couple of months old.

How are you going to hook up the cable box? I'm guessing your going to use the cable box to tune the channels, then output them to your tuner card. That might be the only workaround for getting encrypted HD channels to work on the tuner card.

Looks good to me though, be the test subject and let us know how it goes.
Yeah, I was going to go from the Cable Box -> TV Tuner Card -> Video Card -> TV. Would this work? I've been reading at AVSForums but there are so many freakin threads over there . . . geez.
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