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Originally posted by Sazar
I buy my products based on various reasons and needs... none of which involves CM or anyone smoking pipes
Exactly. I could care less about CM or any of the PR monkeys from any hardware company. I just buy the best product that suits my needs (and that I can afford of course).

That said, I have to agree with Solomon on this issue about CM being two-faced. He put the heat on 3DC for hosting those drivers, yet in the next sentence he tells someone to go ahead and use the driver he was condemning Solomon to host.

The issue has nothing to do with drivers, but everything to do with how someone representing ATI has handled a particular situation. If CM had simply kept his mouth shut, or told the user in question to hold out for a week for the official 3.5 set, a whole lot of aggravation could have been avoided. Instead of owning up to having been called out, CM put his fingers in his ears and started singing to himself. I'm sorry, but if you ask me that's simply not right.
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