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Originally posted by Sea Dragon
I'm kind of doubtful it's the RAM, either - 256 should be fine.

I'd probably try reinstalling Unreal 2, and bringing your system and memory back to regular clock speeds to see what happens.
not with windows xp, it isn't fine. right now, my system cache is at about 140 megs, more than half of 256. and i have 270 megs available. i have 512 megs total.
when i was running 256, windows would barely leave me anything. the result was that my hard drive would have to work harder and swap off the hard drive to load textures evey now and then, and plus, loading times were a bitch. 512 megs solved all of this.

my advice is to upgrade to 512 megs...shouldnt cost u (depending on the quality u like) more than fifty bucks. i got a 256 pc2100 stick for less than thirty bucks. made all the difference.
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