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Default Re: Finally convinced to go HD DVD.. for now (good article linked inside)

Originally Posted by stevemedes
wtf? you changed your mind? i just bought an HD-DVD player because you said so, now you changed your mind? damnit.
wtf I feel kinda guilty now
But don't worry I'm still largely neutral and if you bought the X360 extension or 99$ player that is still very cheap, especially if you also take advantage of many of the many BOGO sales that's out there currently and will give you lots of good HD experiences and I can hardly see that as wasted money AT ALL

Besides several experts actually predicts that both formats will survive and live side by side and that people in the future will go with the combo players as both camps have a somewhat esablished base of early adopters now. That would reduce the whole BD vs. HD question to a matter of what you adopt first for the sake of the exclusive libraries. And I could in fact be wrong after all. And depending on which way it all develops and which way the studios go in the next year or so it could all change to either Blu-ray or HD DVD's favor quite fast, so I could just as well end up with HD DVD as my favorite again. This is a certaincy you have to live with as an early adopter of an HDM format. But I'd just prefer Blu-ray to win the format war after having read through more hours of material on this matter. But hell even many of the editors on the biggest and most respected magazined out there disagree and have each their favorite formats, so don't let this get to you

Sorry I was just a bit too quick on making this thread, I thought I had read all there was to know and all opinions and arguments there was to consider. You could also just choose to buy into both formats. Just let the exclusive titles lead you! If you want to dive deeper into the issue with the formats themselfs just ask if you have any questions

Oh and if it's any consolation, most users over at the excellent place for HDM,, seem to own slightly more and prefer slightly more of HD DVD:

HD DVD or Blu-ray. What do you OWN?!!

Which format do you own the most movies of? Poll - Blue, Red, or Equal

You have Both HD and BluRay what do you like better and Why
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