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Wink Re: Did they Fix it?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
I was hearing that the recent patch was going to fix the out of dead space for the hunters? The space that is too close for ranged but too far for melee...

Did they fix it? I was actually thinking about going back to WoW with it being fixed but if not I have no interest... it's something I always hated about playing a Hunter.
Did they fix it!? WTF!? as if hunTards needed another buff. I am sick of what WoW has done to huntards, mages, dr00ds and pallies. Buff them up while ignore the rest of the classes.

I am dead serious about this. Playing a huntard is for those who have no skills in WoW. There are so many huntards on every server because they are so damn easy to play. You have every idiot playing one and thinking they are actually awesome at the game. I hate huntards. Oh and proof that huntards are actually crappy WoW players, get one in a group. 99% of all huntards are just a wasted space in a group. Either they will get you wipped by pet aggro, not freezing or just plain stupidity.
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