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Default Re: Pro Street; Anyone get it?...

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf
Funnily enough, yah. Only things you see here and there are for a few things that sell in Australia, like energizer batteries. We have something called the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) which controls all of the advertising and stuff like that.
What about in game ads that advertise the current game? Those ads drive me more mad than all the rest. They add nada- you already own the game, you aren't going to buy it again, they simply waste space and ruin the experience. At least you know other ads HELP the producer in some way earn money, which should hypothetically help game prices or at least help them break even. But in game ads for the game you're playing? Argh

Originally Posted by eD
Maybe the guys at Shugashack should play around with their gamma correction just a little bit because most of the screenshot are so dark you can't get an idea of what this game is really going to look like
In reference to Doom 3 screenshots from 2001
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