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Default My 8800 GT vs SLI benchmarks in Crysis

I picked up a second 8800 GT today. First thing I did was run some benchies.
This is a mixed vendor SLI.
Video card One is a BFG 8800 GT 512MB. Core 625mhz Memory 900mhz clocks.
Video Card Two is a EVGA 8800 GT 512MB. Core 650mhz Memory 950mhz clock.

For all the benchmarks, I ran both cards at Core 700mhz and Memory 1000mhz.

I am going to refer to SLI as SLI and single card as SIN. Makes it easier to read.

E6400 @ 3.2Ghz
2GB DDR2 Ram @ 800mhz
2 x 8800 GT 512MB @ 700/1000
600watt OCZ GameXStream PSU
WinXP 32bit.

=== 3D Mark 06====
At the default resolution of 1280x1024, sli was not very noticeable.
Single card netted me around 12200 score, while sli didn't quite give me a 1000 point boost. Once I beefed up the graphic settings. SLI started to show.

1680x1050 4xAA
SIN SM2: 4184 SM3: 3340 CPU: 2779 Total: 8931
SLI SM2: 5966 SM3: 5782 CPU: 2776 Total: 12580

Very High DX9 refers to copying all of the Very high settings in each config file overtop of the High Settings, as you can not select Very High under DX9.
Performance Very High DX9 refers to setting all game options to high then using the following console commands: r_usepom 1, q_renderer 3, r_colorgrading 1, e_water_ocean_fft 1, r_sunshafts 1 (for more information on how to do it -> )

1680x1050 Very High DX9
SIN AVG 21.75 MAX 25.01 MIN 13.54
SLI AVG 28.13 MAX 39.27 MIN 15.26

1680x1050 Performance Very High DX9
SIN AVG 27.98 MAX 31.20 MIN 15.89
SLI AVG 34.36 MAX 52.32 MIN 12.69

1680x1050 High DX9
SIN AVG 32.82 MAX 38.21 MIN 14.95
SLI AVG 36.59 MAX 63.53 MIN 17.54

All in all. There is a noticeable boost with SLI when the extra graphic settings are enabled. Not much of a difference with just High except for the Max fps.

Two things to note however.
B) I used 169.02 drivers. With the 169.09 drivers, when I enabled SLI. My performance dropped. Going from 30 fps without SLI, down to 10 fps with SLI depending on which render method I chose.
B) Even with an avg of 28 fps on Very High, it still felt sluggish compared to the 27 fps avg I was getting on High with my 8800 GTS 640, which felt smooth.

I'll be running more tests once the Patch / New Drivers are released.

If anyone wants any benchmarks or comparisons at differen't resolutions/settings or in another game. Let me know.
E6400 @ 3200 mhz (400x8) 1.45v || 2x 8800 GT || OCZ 600Watt sli || 22" LG Flatron
2x1GB Apacer PC2-6400 @ 850mhz 4-4-4-15 || Asus P5N32-E Sli Plus || Zalman 9500 AT || 200GB SATA / 320GB SATA WD HD

3D Mark 06: 12461 || 3D Mark 05: 18397 || 3D Mark 03: 40149
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