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Default Re: *** Official Retail Crysis Review Thread ***

Here's how I feel about "Crysis":

Stunning visuals. Some of the best done in any game to date. Period.

I didn't like that my cloak mode dropped so fast when moving, or that many foes seem to be able to take at least twice the number of shots I could in my uber suit before dropping.

I have been putting off addressing the North Koreans in the game for a while and am going to now. When I played the demo the way they were portrayed offended me. I am not sure why and it did. I told myself to get over it, and that it wasn't a big deal. I bought the retail game anyway.

Well here I am now and it still really bothers me for some reason. Yes, I know it's just a game and I seem to have a problem with taking real life groups of people and turning them into corny stereotypes to dehumanize them so they are easier to slaughter in a video game. No, I wouldn't feel better if they were; Germans, Japanese, Vietnamese or Iraqi. I guess this is why I don't often buy soldier boy games.

I don't want any game changed or censored. I thought I'd "get over it" and I haven't.

After I did get over the stunning visuals I ceased playing the game because then it just felt "been there and done that to me".
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