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Default Re: Anyone have linux driver for Gforce4 460 go please?I cant find it!

Originally Posted by yd105
Thanks alot ,I downloaded from Nvidia website.
When i type: sh
it says :error :nvidia-installer must be run as root
How could I run it as root?sorry I am a linux beginner I am learing it now...
Are you using Ubuntu?
If so, they should have the legacy drivers somewhere in their repositories. In fact, no matter what distro you are using you should have those available to you somewhere.

I'd recommend going that route (of downloading through whatever package manager you have), but if you really want to use the package you downloaded manually you could try 'sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-blah blah blah' instead. (if you are using Ubuntu, sudo should be more or less set up automatically for you) (replace the 'blah blah blah' with the full file name, obviously )

If you are new to linux, other good websites to educate yourself are Ubuntu's forums,, and various wikis for other distros (even though you use a different distro, they can still offer some good advice), such as
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