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Default Re: Did they Fix it?

Originally Posted by Elvin Presler
Let me guess, nVJoe plays a Rogue or Warlock. 2 of the most ridiculously overpowered classes in the game...and he's hating on hunters with no clue what it's like t play one.
Did you say rogues and warlocks are overpowered? BAHAHAHA!? Do you even play WoW? If you did you would not be saying that unless you are trying to be funny.

I play a holy priest for raids, a tank for raids and a shadow priest for PVP. I used to have a 70 rogue and before Burning Crusade I used to have a 60 hunter before all the wuss buffs they got. You do not know how to play a hunter if you think a rogue is over powered. Hunters are the anti-rogue class. I don't know why I need to tell you this.

LOL rogues and locks are overpowered. LOL! what a joke.
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