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Default Some cool mods

Blue laser mod:

Weapon Re-balance mod (allows you to carry all weapons at the same time!)

Things that need to be improved.

1. Too low accuracy.
Is that made in china cheap stuff?
2. Too hard to killing enemies.
Are they wearing class 3 bullet proof vest? Why don't they die?!
3. The properties of guns such as magazine capacity, rpm, recoil are not the same even though it might be based upon real gun's property.
4. Each guns is not specialized.
Why do I use the SMG? And Gauss Rifle makes another firearms to crap!
5. You can carry just a couple of weapons at the same time.
I wanna use that all at the same time!

Weapon Skin Pack

# Grey rusty
# Camouflage Green
# Camouflage Blue
# Camouflage Brown
# Raceflag
# Timber
# Leopard
# Reptileskin
# Ponysis
# Nanocarbon
# Steel
# Two-toned
# Dark
# Icebullet
# Concept
# Fire
# Multicolor Purple Green
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