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Default My poor puter

Hello, I'm a half-lurker(jul 2002 w/ 69 posts lol) around here, but I was wondering if anyone has a similar system to

ATHLON 64 X2 (6000+) 3.0GHZ SOCKET AM2

and could tell me if performance would be playable at a decent setting...or if I should just give up...?

I'm looking to upgrade and that's about the upper end of what I can afford... pushing it in fact..

Currently I run

AMD Athlon 64 2.0GHZ (socket 939)
BFG Geforce 6800 OC (yes I said 6800 lol)
2GB of PC400 Ram...

I ran through it once in the choppyness, my favorite part was when every 10 minutes or so it would hang for 2 minutes... and I just think that it would be soo much more fun if it ran at a playable FPS without the hanging...

I used

Textures - Medium
Objects - Medium
Shadows - Medium
Physics - High
Shaders - Medium
Volumetric Effects - Medium
Game FX - Medium
Postproc - Low
Particles - Low
Water - Low
Sound - Low

Now before anyone says that's why it was so deathly slow, I have to say, I worked from Low up, to somewhere I could still actually kill and enemy, as all at the lowest is horrid looking. At least it kinda looked half-decent.

I wouldn't mind playing at my current settings but smoothly, so again, was just wondering if the above hardware would be sufficient? If you have a moment, what would you suggest I get? I'm looking really cheap as, since my system is so outdated, AGP even, it has to be a full upgrade, PS, Mobo, GPU,CPU, Ram etc.

Christmas is so horrible for money. lol.

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