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Default Re: Java3D anti-aliasing

(Sorry for the late reaction, I was busy with other stuff.)

Yes, I meant by "driver say it's not supported" that when polling the Canvas3D properties it says that hardware AA is not supported.
If it were supported then sceneAntialiasingNumPasses would be 1 instead of 8.

Canvas3D / Java3D gets its properties from the driver/opengl/Xorg, not sure which one but still an external factor.

I can enable AA with the nvidia-settings utility, but that results in basically the same low framerate.

The Java3D applet is 512x512 which should be easy for my GF 7600GT. Running in windowed mode.

Further software details: Xorg 1.3, Compiz-Fusion 0.6 desktop, 2.6.22 kernel.
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