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Default Re: HDTV Capture Card - Which One?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Your westy probably has a PIP function in it, most westy's do. If so I would just use that to e.g. watch TV while you are using your PC at the same time. That is what I do, it works great, yet another reason I love westy TV's. I leave the DVR functions up to my tivo, it's a lot less messy that way to boot. If you want full screen, just use the remote to switch inputs.

Instead of spending money on some dodgy video capture hardware and all of the software mess that goes along with it, I would get a decent audio system. IMO a mistake people often make is that they by and large ignore the audio component by getting some cheesy "home theater in a box" setup, which does a huge injustice to the overall quality of their home theater. Dare I say audio is every bit as important as video, if not more so, as it really adds to the whole experience.
Uh . . . did you not read the first post? I need a video capture card so I can upload some older 8MM tapes from our old camcorder. When I get done with that project, I'm going to use the video capture card and capture some HD viewing with my HD cable box from Comcast. Now I just gotta find the right card to buy. I'm still looking . . .
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