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Default Re: Learning MySQL using ASP

Originally Posted by LinuxManMike
order is an SQL keyword. If you are going to use it as a table name try surrounding it with these goofy quote marks (not sure what its called, on same key as tilde ~) like this:
INSERT INTO `order` (id, type, pn, cc) VALUES (NULL, 'SDP3430', '910', '5486')
Give this man a cookie I fought with this all day yesterday.

I deleted the table and created a new one using sdp_orders as the name and now I can add rows from the on-line manager. I'll go modify my asp code and see if that works too. I'll let you know after I do that, thanks again.

I modified my asp code and it works now too, many thanks. I came so close to using sdp_orders for the table name but I had already created it and didn't know how to change the name so I left it alone. Man, what a mistake Thanks again for your help.
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