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Default Re: EVE Online Trinity Overhaul

Originally Posted by mustrum
That`s the main issue most people have and at the same time it`s biggest strengh.
EvE is a SAndbox game. There is almost nothing you cannot do. The game does not take your hand and tell you what to do though.
After WoW and all the EQ clones out there online gamers are so used to it that they are overwhelmed by eves freedom.

Once you overcame that you`l never turn back though. Suddenly all the other games seem so limited and small.
I did think it was kinda cool. Building your ship was fun but frustrating at times. I was in a Corporation that had thier own section of space with stations. But it seemed more fun when I was on my own. Once I joined the corp there were no real missions to do. I was lost and eventually quit.
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