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Default Re: EVE Online Trinity Overhaul

Originally Posted by OldOfEvil

I DLed the trial version and did the intro quests, got a new ship and am sort of at a loss as to what I should be doing. That and travel really bugs me, I swear I spend half my time with auto pilot on waiting to get to my destination.
It's been a few months for me but from what I remember you shouldnt be using auto pilot. Good way to get killed at the gates by pirates. I think, and someone else here that is playing regularly will know better, you should be warping directly to the gates. Manually do this because it gets you much closer to the actual gate. The problem with warping during auto pilot is that it leaves you too far away from the gate and then you have that tedious "cruise" into the gate that takes so long. If you don't use auto travel will be much quicker for you. jmho $.02
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