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Default Re: My 8800 GT vs SLI benchmarks in Crysis

TS: Try and downclock your cards a little or benchmark them @ stock speeds. Maybe you'll get higher framerates. I overclocked my cards to 700/1950 and my performance dropped. So I'm back to the stock 660/1650/1900 of my MSI OC cards.

Use AFR2 too. Its best for all games imho.

For Source based games use AFR1 to prevent shadows from flickering.

I see HUGE gains in SLi vs a single card btw. Its MUCH MUCH faster than my single XFX 8800GTX XXX in ALL games I have. I can play all games @ 1920x1200 with AA and AF except for Crysis. I don't play Crysis at all... I'll play it when the 9800GTX arrives. :-D
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