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Default Red Hat 7.3, tarred 2960 download, NVdriver failed to initialize

The card in this case is a GeForce2 MX200 and I am running dual monitors. The kernel is 2.4.18-10

The compile of the two packages, in the right order, went ahead without errors. According to the README, the only changes I needed to make to my XF86Config-4 file was to change drivers from "nv" to "nvidia". When I boot up, I can't make the AGP nVidia card primary, it doesn't come up at all, only the secondary PCI card. Looking at my XFree86.0.log file, I find:

(EE) NVIDIA: Failed to initialize the NVdriver kernel module

In /log/messages I find:

<host> kernel: nvidia: Can't find an IRQ for your NVIDIA card!
<host> kernel: nvidia: Please check your BIOS settings.
<host> kernel: nvidia: [Plug & Play OS ] should be set to NO
<host> kernel: nvidia: [Assign IRQ to VGA] should be set to YES
<host> kernel: nvidia: loading NVIDIA NVdriver Kernel Module

Using lsmod, I am finding that the module is being loaded OK

Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong?

(Looking at the /var/log/messages one last time, I see [Assign IRQ to VGA should be set to YES]. I'm going to post this anyway, but check this out in my BIOS too.)
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