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Default Re: Cisco Suggestions

Just got all of my equipment today . . . turns out I don't have a DB-9 port on my mobo!!! Oh well, I can order a $14 USB-to-DB9 adaptor and all will be good. So here come the Cisco noob questions I've been dying to ask.

1. On one of the routers, there is an "Aux", "Console" and "BRI" ports on the back. Now in my mind, I want to say that a router would service multiple items like PCs, other switches or other routers. So why no output ports? I figured out that routers can connect to each other through serial ports but how would you connect a switch to this router? My other router has additional ports for different connections, but that's not the only way is it?

2. I hooked up the router and I can do the "Express Setup" fairly easy. My (Linksys wireless) router's IP is, therefore I set the switch to When I saved the configuration, it tries to connect to but fails. I even renew my IP addresses but it keeps on getting back instead ( is the switches main IP address before you change it). What's going on? I guess I might have to wait until I get that adaptor.
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