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Default Re: Java3D anti-aliasing

GLX_ARB_multisample and GL_ARB_multisample are in the glxinfo output.

I am using Java 1.6.0_02 and Java3D 1.5.2-pre (tried various Java3D 1.5.0+ versions).

With Compiz off, a very basic desktop environment, with forced AA off, I get exactly the same results in Java3D. When using Java3D's scene antialiasing it's faster because Compiz isn't hogging the GPU, but it's not as fast I would expect it to be.

One last note: when I'm forcing AA with nvidia-settings, I only see AA results when using 8x/16x. No AA at all when using every lower setting there is.

I'm just trying to determine where this wierdness comes from, whether it's the nVidia drivers, Java3D or this particular combination.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I should be able to AA 8x a 512x512 window without any trouble at all on a 7600GT right? Even when using a relatively heavy window manager like Compiz Fusion.
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