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Question 60Hz OpenGL fix in place, manual way

Hi guys. Much to my dismay, this old bug is still present into many drivers even todays. A good example could be the DHzer0point_84.66.exe ones I use and I did not consider updating them, since they are pretty good for my aging 6800GS.
The question for this thread is - can someone tell me, HOW to fix this refreshrate bug by myself and INTO the monitor file in windows directly?

Why not just use the ReForce 1.10 utility, you say?

Because if I do so, the I can't play BF2 anymore. BF2 seems to be somewhat locked on the monitor fire or what the hell the ReForce change, and then REFUSE to work with the new one. Restoring the defaults make BF2 work again. But that suxx.

So, anyone up to the task? Don't tell me, that this is NOT possible. I modified many even exe files before, so I will not stop at anything The good news is, that all I want is to modify only the 1024x768 resolution to be at 100Hz and not at 60Hz.

My XVI32.exe editor is waiting
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