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tried all that and still can't fly past em, I unistalle d the game thankfully i didn't spend my actually money but what a waste of my tip points from work, and these people wonder why torrent exist, make a game so anyone can beat it not the loser elite with no lives...

Hell Stalker beat this game hands down in terms of game play atleast when i shot somone in th head they'd die! Crytek should have spent more money on technical advisory cause who ever they got must smoke crack or really wasn't what I'd call apt in their field. I go to the pistol range and I will tell yeah, at 150ft I can take your head off with a .45 ACP let aloe 10-20ft.

I hate this cause they hype and get you all enamored for it but fall so ridiculously short of expectations.

I can't even beat the game without cheats, I've beated dozens of games no problem even stalker on the hardest setting was not this bad...

I am going to see if the group can exchange this for COD4 or something esle. Boo to Crytek, I thoiught they'd pull their heads out their asses after Far Cry and build something realistic...

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