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Default Re: Shader clock speed for 8800 GTS

Originally Posted by kaptkarl
I have a factory OC'd FoxxConn 8800 GTS 640MB card that defaults at 575 core, 1188 shader, 900 mem. Everyone I've seen on the forum has shader clocks much, much higher than mine....1400 to 1600. That's insane. My card oc's very well, even though it's already factory oc'd. I've tested it at 605\1250\1003 speeds w/ no problems at all, could go farther but don't see a need (until Crysis is released maybe).

When I oc the shader I get some very nice performance my quaetion is how is everyone getting such high shader clocks? I'm air cooled and run the stock fan at 100%. Any feedback would be appreciated.

BTW, I ran the Crysis Demo @ 1440x900 widescreen rez w/ all settings set to high except the post processing, which I set to medium......smooth and fluid gameplay .

Use Nbittor(spelling), its an Nvidia BIOS editor utility and nvflash. use nvflash to get a backup of your cards bios, use the editor to edit your clocks to 605 for the core, it should be there already, 1500 or 1600 for the shaders(i'd start at 1500) and set your memory to like 800-850mhz, save and then reflash you card with the edited BIOS. and test and repeat if you wish, just make sure to keep a good safe backup copy of your current BIOS though incase something majorly bad happens. You can reflash back to the original BIOS.
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