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Default Re: Arguably the best Crysis video I've ever seen.

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
I still dont get it... Can you translate that to regular english please?
Baiscally it works like this. By default sys_physics is set to 1 which decouples the physics engine from the graphics engine. This way, if the physics gets bogged down it won't affect your FPS. The problems is that when you run physics intense stuff (like these boxes) the physics lags so much that it's super jerky. But it doesn't affect your framerate. It just looks bad. So by setting sys_physics 0 you couple the two engines togehter. ie, one waits for the other. So if the GPU renders 1 frame, it waits for the physics engine to finished calculating the next frame before showing it. So now the game runs at the physics engine's speed, which in this case is super slow due to the amount of stuff going one. So then he slows down the game to run in slo mo. Then he makes it so that it saves every frame rendered as a screenshot. This way, he can take all the screenshots and make them into a video after and it will look normal speed.
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