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Originally Posted by gulizard
Yes thats fine, EXCEPT hes an ass when he does. He insults others IQ, and their knowledge of different things. No one here rubbed him wrong in any post. I know DarthBeavis did nothing to the guy... and he has since attacked him at every corner.

Same for me he has gotten at me..
You'd make Joseph Stalin proud, my friend. I love how you deny DarthBeavis doing anything to me, then, make it like I at random chose to argue with him and you.

Now, communist propaganda aside, I didn't want to have to do this.

This is the thread and page that DarthBeavis began to tell me not to "BUY" into conspiracy theories.

2.)Originally Posted by varrius
No, not for a LONG time. NVIDIA made an announcement that Intel has changed the microcode since the ES models, and will not release it. Nvidia wouldn't give them an SLi license, so, no new intel processors will operate on any nvidia motherboards at this time.

"They will have a bios out for it soon. Stop buying into the conspiracy theories."

3.) If you look downwards to #145, he then told me.
"you are setting yourself up to look really stupid dude. You might exercise some patience and see what happens in the next couple weeks."

At the end of the day, you ignorant fools (you and beavis), are telling ME to stop "buying" into conspiracy theories, and that I am setting myself up to look really stupid? WELL LOOK, who LOOKS STUPID NOW THAT I WAS RIGHT? YOU DO. BOTH OF YOU DO. The reason I argued with you is because you BACKED HIM UP and wouldn't mind your own business. He was ENRAGED that he called me a conspiracy theorist and that I would look stupid, only for it to blow up in his FACE. The whole vendetta was spawned by me sticking up for myself and making the thread "This Conspiracy Theory Just Became Fact. " Now, since you guys are so upset that your buddy got owned, maybe you should just quit while you're ahead. I was arrogant and aggressive because YOUR FRIEND called me a conspiracy theorist and "stupid." So, before you accuse ME, look at how he initiated it via name calling, etc.

You just got owned.
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