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Default Re: HDTV Capture Card - Which One?

Originally Posted by schuey74
I bought something like this a year ago for ripping all of my old analog stuff to hard drives.

It only cost me $20 at the time and you just connect the device (vcr, camcorder, etc..), press play, and then record it on your PC while it plays.

For watching or recording your cable TV all you need is to connect your cable box to your PC via Firewire. You can watch and record thru VLC and the video quality of the HD stuff is light years better than watching thru your cable box + you see the complete image. It's amazing how much of the picture is cut off when running thru a set top box. VLC can be a little glitchy when recording, but there's another program (forgot the name, but I have it at home) that records TS (Transport Stream) files perfectly. You then convert the TS files to x264 and you've got reasonable files sizes with 99.99% of the quality of the original.
Thanks for the link, I'll have to look into that. I dont' have a Firewire cable right now but I'll look into that as well. If it works just as you say it does, then it would be a whole heck of a lot cheaper than a capture card. But, it all depends on what Comcast let's their HD Cable Boxes do right?

EDIT - Just looked at the motherboard I will be using for my media center PC, no firewire. I did find other threads over at AVS about this process and I've seen good results. But here's my question. If this process is so "good", then why would people even bother with capture cards?
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