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Default gulizard?

Just to put some truth on the matter between me, gulizard, and his buddy darthbeavis. I didn't initiate anything. I Never was arrogant and aggressive UNTIL:

This is the thread and page that DarthBeavis began to tell me not to "BUY" into conspiracy theories.

2.)Originally Posted by varrius
No, not for a LONG time. NVIDIA made an announcement that Intel has changed the microcode since the ES models, and will not release it. Nvidia wouldn't give them an SLi license, so, no new intel processors will operate on any nvidia motherboards at this time.

"They will have a bios out for it soon. Stop buying into the conspiracy theories." - darthbeavis

3.) If you look downwards to #145, he then told me.
"you are setting yourself up to look really stupid dude. You might exercise some patience and see what happens in the next couple weeks."

I'm not normally an arrogant person, nor do I look for trouble, like he makes it. This person told me I was a conspiracy theorist and going to "look stupid". Then, he got upset when I posted the thread "This Conspiracy Theory Just Became Fact" and everything blew up in his face. DarthBeavis and Gulizard are just upset that I bit back at their INSULTS and NAME CALLING and proved that I WAS CORRECT.
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