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Default Re: Wow- Whats with these bugs?

There was an increase in the sheer number of bugs ever since 2.2. At this point all I can assume is their QA dept took a holiday or something. Among them:

- Voice chat: I got it to work one day, when I set it up. Exited game, and never on a reload would it work again. No settings change, just restart the game sometime and it's gone.

- I don't think they ever fixed all the pet bar bugs, though I'm using Bongos now

- Yes, many NPCs have been bugged, and some quests. For instance on a horde alt, the quest in thousand needles where one faces the grimtotem and gets some info or whatever it is from chests up top; those chests at least had no loot marker, and were not interactable. Checked thott, and post after post said bugged. I know, because on my 70 orc hunter I did it early in the year, that they were lootable then.

- Then of course when 2.2 first came out (and 2.3 hasn't been without it's own bugs) the realms (at least realm I was on) was getting almost nightly restarts for "gameplay issues".

- In 2.3 (but in no patch previous), when I go to load the game or anything, the sound stutters bad, certainly at first...
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