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Default Re: Anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

I simply can NOT go with the default UI. Too much scrolling to access one's skills; especially when people can expect one to do every blasted thing under the sun, instantly, with no delay, while wanting one to top DPS meter at all times. And of course, everyone is competing to beat every other person.

One needs fast access to everything one is going to use. No scrolling, no extra mouse clicks, no having to go grab the thing. Fully setup yet? No; but I need everything at my finger tips in such a highly competitive environment, with no time for delay. It's bad enough that I'm still sitting here with a Radeon 9600 gfx card, which at times dips down to 6 or 7 frames per sec; and still have some rare quality items left. I simply can't scroll the skill bars or whatever else, as it can seem I'm practically given no time to move my finger, or whatever else. I got rid of the default UI with the stress of having to do it all, without having a moment to scroll through, get access to anything.

Anyhow, that was 1 such visual glitch, where the physics of the game simply fall to the improbable I've seen tons others
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